High-Speed Satellite Internet


Unlimited High-Speed Satellite Internet $119.99/mo.

Why Viasat Internet?

Fast and Reliable, Wherever You Are

Viasat's satellite internet service allows you to stay seamlessly connected to family, friends, work, and the world. With a variety of plans to meet every need and every budget, Viasat keeps you in the loop for news, work, weather, politics, sports, and more. Affordable satellite internet pricing means you never have to miss out and get the best deals--if the hottest band drops a new track, your grandson learns to walk, or your favorite blogger posts a hilarious rant that goes viral, you're on it in real time. And with Viasat's bundling options, you can cover all your communication and entertainment bases with the same great company. Add unlimited calling with Viasat's Voice program plus endless viewing options with DIRECTV for a complete package.

  • High-speed internet to 99% of the U.S.
  • Get connected fast – typically within 3–5 days

Viasat uses their state of the art satellite technology to keep you connected 24-7, wherever you are. Rural areas are no problem for Viasat Internet. Need to update your wardrobe, your home, or even the contents of your pantry? The endless possibilities of online shopping are at your're no longer limited to local options! Looking for love in all the online places? Viasat is your virtual wingman into keeping you plugged in to the online dating scene. Find a job, find a plumber, or find a new dress for the next big shindig...whatever you need, Viasat Satellite Internet delivers!

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Wide Coverage

With Viasat's satellite technology, enjoy uninterrupted internet access even in the most remote and rural locations.

High-Speed Connectivity

Experience the power of high-speed internet with Viasat, designed for seamless streaming, efficient work, and immersive online gaming.

Secure & Private

Browse with peace of mind as Viasat's built-in security features ensure your data's protection and maintain your online privacy

Satellite Internet Plans & Pricing

Viasat Satellite Internet offers several different plans to fit your budget and your needs. All Viasat plans feature our incredible customer service, lightning fast speed, and a two-year price lock guarantee. Forget about dial-up headaches and crawling internet service. Call today to lock in the best price on the our internet and satellite communication service plans!

A remote home using Viasat satellite internet.

Unlimited Bronze

Download up to 12 Mbps
High-Speed Data

35 GB

$99.99/mo.  $69.99/mo.

Unlimited Silver

Download up to 12 Mbps
High-Speed Data

45 GB

$149.99/mo.  $99.99/mo.

Unlimited Gold

Download up to 12 Mbps
High-Speed Data

65 GB

$199.99/mo.  $149.99/mo.

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Let us prepare and email a Viasat satellite internet quote to you, with all the details you’ll need to choose a ViaSat Plan – in writing. Take your time reviewing our ViaSat Internet Quote. Share it with your spouse or a friend. Collect any questions or concerns you may have. This way we can make sure every detail is covered when we call you. Easy! Thank you.

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Our Customer Feedback

“From my long term experience with various sat internet providers Exede/Viasat is by far the best available option in my rural area.”
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D. Phillip
Verified User
"I had my new ViaSat internet system installed and what a difference! I went from 9 Mbps on my HughesNet Gen 5 to over 60 Mbps with my new ViaSat. Service/installation was great! I'm VERY pleased!!"
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J. Gonzales
Verified User

Frequently Asked Questions

We encourage to you to read more about Viasat’s unbeatable internet service, unlimited Voice calls, and DirectTV bundles. When you do your research, you’ll learn that Viasat’s speed and reliability can’t be matched, and there’s an affordable plan for every budget. Have more questions? Check out the Viasat FAQ page, or call today for more info!

Super Fast—Everyday & Everywhere

Looking for fast and reliable internet service in your area? Look no further than Viasat Internet for high speeds and low prices. Viasat has plans in your area that will keep you connected to work, school, friends, and family. With speeds up to 100 Mbps and options that won't bust your budget, Viasat's service is the right choice today. Rural locations aren't a problem with Viasat--our advanced satellite technology puts the world at your fingertips, no matter how rural your location. Always on, always there for you, and always fast--Viasat Internet has the service you need at the price you want.

Reliable Connections for Work, School, Entertainment, & More

In today's world, slow or unreliable internet service isn't an option. You need to be plugged in 24-7 to stay on top of your game at work and at home. With Viasat, you'll never miss an email, an update, or a breaking news story. When your best friend has a baby, your professor posts a new assignment, or your boss needs you STAT, you're in the know right away with Viasat. And thanks to their cutting edge satellite technology, you can have this premium service anywhere--even remote locations. If you're off the beaten path and sick of internet issues, call Viasat today for better service at better prices!

Affordable Plans That Won't Break the Bank

If you've been dreaming of zippy internet service that's ready whenever and wherever you are, call Viasat today. Although our premium service is light years ahead of dial-up and DSL connections, we keep our pricing competitive. We'll work with you to choose a plan that fits your data needs and your budget. And our two year price lock guarantee means that you'll never have to worry about nasty surprises in your bill. Viasat is here to offer you the service you need, the speed you want, and the affordable pricing that makes it all work for your household. Call today for special incentives!

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