Viasat Satellite Services- Landline Phone And Internet Bundle

<p>Phone & Internet Bundle for Your Home</p>

Viasat satellite technology allows you to have fast and reliable Internet service anywhere–even in rural locations. With flexible and affordable plans, our Viasat Bundles offer connectivity for every need and every budget, and they don’t stop with internet!

The same mini satellite dish that enables your flawless internet connection can also deliver landline phone and satellite television services. When you bundle Viasat Voice and Viasat + satellite tv, you save yourself money, time, and headaches! Get all three services from one great company for the best entertainment and communication package in the industry.

A family using Viasats Affordable Connectivity Program.

Never Miss a Call Even at Your Rural Location : Viasat Voice

Viasat Voice provides phone service to your home directly through your internet mini dish and modem.

Known as Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP, this technology allows you to make and receive calls without disrupting your internet usage. If you have friends and loved ones far away, Viasat’s crystal clear service lets you hear their voice whenever you want with unlimited calling!

When you choose Viasat Internet, you will have the opportunity to bundle Viasat Voice service to your package. Voice works anywhere the Viasat mini dish is installed–no matter how rural or remote. Stay in touch with work, family, and friends with unlimited local and long distance calls in all 50 states plus Canada.

Viasat’s customer service reps can give you more information and help you add Voice to your Viasat bundle – call today!

Viasat Internet + Satellite TV : Covering All Your Entertainment Needs

Dreaming of speedy internet plus crisp, clear television…even in rural locations? It’s no longer a dream, it’s reality with Viasat! By bundling satellite tv with your Viasat internet service, you get access to all of your favorite shows, breaking news, sports, and movies. When it comes to television, satellite tv has it all. Viasat Internet + satellite tv allows you to view all your television programming through the same mini dish that delivers your internet signal–no extra outdoor equipment required! And you’ll never have any interruptions to your Internet browsing capabilities while watching satellite tv.

Choosing to live outside the city doesn’t mean choosing boredom and isolation. You don’t have to sacrifice on home entertainment options with Viasat’s bundles and package deals–you can get the communication, connection, and entertainment you need at the price you can afford. Give our customer representatives a call today to get started with these fantastic deals!