ViaSat Satellite Internet FAQ

Q: Does Viasat offer a warranty or guarantee?

A: Viasat provides a warranty against equipment defects for the first 90 days of your service contract. If you would like more support, we recommend our upgraded support program—EasyCare. For one low monthly fee, EasyCare covers any service calls plus offers annual dish relocation if necessary. Sign up for EasyCare when you order your Viasat service, or add the service at any time online.


Q: Do wireless routers work with Viasat Satellite Internet service?

A: Wireless routers work well with Viasat service, providing the ability to network your home easily. We can provide you with a new Viasat WiFi Modem or Gateway with built-in Wi-Fi, or you can use your own. Any up-to-date router will work with Viasat Satellite Internet service. Wirelessly connecting your computers, tablets, and smartphones is easy and hassle-free!


Q: What speed can I count on with Viasat?

A: To some extent, the speed you experience will depend on your geographic location. You may be able to get speeds as high as 50-100 Mbps (megabits per second) downstream. Other areas will see speeds in the 15-30 Mbps range. Upstream speed in all areas is 3 Mbps.


Q: Can I use any web browser I want with Viasat’s service?

A: Yes - Viasat’s internet service is compatible with all browsers. For the best browsing experience, we recommend our proprietary Viasat Browser, which is optimized for our service. Our browser is fast and includes ad-blocking technology and a data saver mode.


Q: Can I do my own satellite dish installation?

A: We require that Viasat dishes be installed by our highly trained technicians. To ensure that the satellite is accurately aimed at the satellite and all connections are secure, we do not allow self-installations.


Q: How does installation work?

A: A Viasat customer service specialist will set up an appointment for you with one of our certified installation technicians. The technician will arrive with a satellite mini-dish, modem, and all necessary tools and equipment. Typically, they will install the mini-dish on the roof or on an outside wall of your home. If those locations will not work for your installation requirements, they may use a pole in the ground. Cables connect the dish, modem, and computer. The entire appointment should be complete in 2-3 hours.


Q: How big is the satellite dish?

A: Our Viasat satellite dishes are about 30 inches wide x 28 inches high.


Q: Do Homeowners Associations allow the Viasat dish?

A: All internet satellite dishes are covered by the FCC Over-the-Air Reception Devices Rule. This FCC regulation, which has been in effect since 1996, prevents unreasonable restrictions on the installation, maintenance, or use of satellite dishes that meet size requirements. Our Viasat dishes meet the size guidelines outlined in the FCC’s rule. Nevertheless, we always advise that you verify any specific regulations that apply to your property with your landlord and/or HOA before your installation technician arrives.


Q: If I change my mind about the service, will I incur cancellation fees?

A: Like most services governed by a monthly or annual contract, Viasat Satellite Internet service plans do have cancellation fees. If you disconnect service before the end of the minimum service term (24 months), you may be charged a fee of $15 for every month remaining on the contract. For example, if you cancel service after 10 months of a standard 24-month contract, you would pay $15 a month for the remaining 14 months of your agreement. (14×15 = an Early Termination Fee of $210.)


Q: I use a VPN (virtual private network) to connect to my work. Will that work with Viasat?

A: SSL-based VPNs usually work fine. For the most accurate answer to this question, we recommend bringing your VPN-equipped laptop to a retail location. Our expert sales technicians can help you confirm your VPN compatibility.