Viasat Internet: The Satellite Internet Provider You’ve Been Looking For

Viasat provides dependable home satellite internet services, even in areas where cable and fiber internet providers are not available.

High-speed internet for 99% of the U.S.


Get connected fast – typically within 3–5 days


Plus, savings up to $300!


Consistent and reliable connection, rain or shine.

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Why Choose Viasat Internet?

  • Unparalleled Coverage: With high-speed internet reaching 99% of the U.S., Viasat ensures even those in rural areas stay seamlessly connected to work, news, and loved ones.

  • Tailored Plans: Offering a variety of packages, Viasat caters to every need and budget, allowing you to access the world without straining your wallet.

  • Bundling Benefits: Maximize your digital experience by pairing Viasat's satellite internet with unlimited calling via the Voice program and endless entertainment options through DIRECTV.

A Superior Satellite Internet Service that Enables you to Accomplish your Desired Tasks

Acquire an internet connection quickly with satellite internet service.

Viasat home satellite internet features an array of plans, each differentiated by internet speed, data allowance, and cost, ensuring you stay connected to what is important to you.

Discover a suitable plan regardless of your location.

Viasat home satellite internet provides coverage for 99% of the United States, meaning that wherever you reside, you can obtain a connection.

Experience simultaneous connections with multiple devices.

With each Viasat modem, that is installed for you, it comes embedded with Wi-Fi feature, so all your devices will have a constant connection.


Download up to 25 Mbps

Daily internet activities including email, web browsing, and online shopping

Unlimited Standard Data

60 GB High-Speed Data


Download up to 50 Mbps

Browsing social media, photo sharing, and light video streaming

Unlimited Standard Data

100 GB High-Speed Data


Download up to 75 Mbps

Essential internet activities and streaming your favorite music, podcasts or videos

Unlimited Standard Data

150 GB High-Speed Data


Download up to 100 Mbps

Doing more: streaming video, working from home, shopping, sharing and learning

Unlimited Standard Data

300 GB High-Speed Data

CHOICE 100/500 GB

Download up to 100 Mbps

Streaming movies, connecting smart home devices, video calls and more

Unlimited Standard Data

500 GB High-Speed Data

Ready To Get Connected?

Other Viasat Offers:

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Viasat Internet and DISH Television Bundle

Get the ultimate home internet and entertainment experience by combining Viasat satellite internet with DISH satellite TV. Enjoy perks such as: 

  • A 3-year TV price guarantee
  • Access to over 80,000 On Demand titles
  • The ability to watch live, recorded, and streaming TV on your DVR.

Additionally, you can skip commercials on select primetime shows on ABC, CBS, FOX, and NBC. Watch your favorite channels, OnDemand content, and recordings from anywhere and receive a free DISH voice remote with your bundle.

Note that apps and the commercial skip feature may vary by eligible DVR and the feature may not be available immediately after airing for select shows on ABC, CBS, NBC, and FOX recorded with PrimeTime Anytime.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Viasat Internet

Viasat Internet is a residential satellite internet service provider that specializes in delivering reliable, high-speed connectivity to people, places, and things that are difficult to reach with traditional cable companies, particularly those in rural or remote areas.

Viasat Internet is an ideal solution for individuals residing in remote or rural areas, as it offers fast internet speeds despite the lack of cable or fiber infrastructure in such regions. It provides reliable and efficient internet services that cater to essential online activities such as online shopping, banking, education and maintaining social connections with loved ones.

Viasat Internet offers coverage to a significant portion of the U.S. population, including remote and rural areas where other internet providers may not be available or offer slower service. It is available in all 50 states. For additional details on Viasat Internet’s coverage, please contact the company directly.

Satellite internet may not be suitable for VPNs, online video games with high latency requirements, or for those looking to exclusively stream video as a replacement for cable TV. However, Viasat Internet can be suitable for streaming video if the appropriate plan is chosen.