Viasat Internet Satellite Installation

When you call to order Viasat Internet, your customer service rep will set you up with an appointment for satellite installation. All Viasat internet installations are performed by certified Viasat installation technicians–self install is not an option. Our advanced satellite technology requires precise calibration. Your installer will contact you before your satellite internet installation date to confirm that date and time of your appointment. At that time they will also review site requirements and your installation preferences. An adult (18+)  with the authority to make decisions must be present during your Viasat installation appointment.

Locations and Equipment

Viasat satellite internet technology will only work with Viasat’s proprietary mini dish–you cannot use a satellite tv dish for our service. Your Viasat installation technician will talk with you about the best place to install your Viasat mini dish. Typically, they will look for a location on your roof or wall that provides good access to the satellite. In instances where those locations will not work well, they may use a pole to mount the dish. The Viasat dish is small (about 30″x28″) and relatively unnoticeable after installation.

Renters and HOAs

Renters must obtain landlord permission to have the Viasat dish installed before ordering the service. Condo owners and customers with Homeowners Association rules should review their HOA rules before ordering Viasat. It’s unlikely that you’ll have any issue with Viasat’s mini dish, but it’s important to verify the rules for your neighborhood or building before calling to set up satellite installation. Viasat’s satellite dish is considered an “Over-the-Air Reception Device” by the FCC – the same classification as residential satellite tv – and is legally permissible for mounting to your home in almost all circumstances.

Custom Installation

Standard installation is included with your base Viasat price. During your installation appointment, your installer may find that aspects of your home or property require a custom installation. This is uncommon, but when if a custom installation is necessary, your technician will quote a price for the additional custom installation work. If you agree to the additional fee, you are responsible for paying the custom installation fee at the time of install. If you prefer to have a second installer come out and asses your situation, you can contact Viasat Customer Service to set up a second appointment.

Wireless Router

At the time of your order, your customer service rep can advise you whether Viasat WiFi is available in your area. WiFi technology allows you to wirelessly network your home and eliminate messy and inconvenient cables. If you purchase the WiFi option, Viasat will supply a combo modem that also serves as a wireless router, and your installer will set up the router according to your preferences. If you prefer to purchase your own wireless router, the Viasat installer will not set up your router as part of the installation appointment. In that case, your Viasat technician will set up an internet connection with the primary computer of your choice, and you will be responsible for setting up your wireless router. High quality wireless routers are widely available at modest prices, and set up is relatively easy, but we always recommend Viasat installation and set up as your best option.

Once your Viasat Internet connection is established, the installer will answer any questions you may have, and will have you sign the Customer Agreement. You will get an email address, access to the Viasat Portal, and access to ViaSat Customer Service if needed.