Viasat Voice Phone Service

Once you’ve chosen Viasat Internet, it’s time to think about adding Viasat Voice- our satellite internet phone service. Texting is fast and email is handy, but sometimes you just need to hear someone’s voice.  Offering unlimited local and long distance residential service, Viasat’s Voice service connects you to the entire United States and Canada for one low fee.

Great For Rural Locations

If your cell service struggles in your rural location, Viasat Voice Phone Service can help. Viasat’s Voice service runs on the same satellite signal that powers your fast and reliable internet service. Although it uses the same signal, your Voice service will will not count toward your data allowances, and will not interrupt internet use. Offering the convenience of one monthly bill, Viasat Voice service simply needs an adapter that will be supplied with your modem and mini dish.

Residential Phone Technology

Voice service is available only to Viasat Internet customers in the continental U.S., and requires a 6-month minimum commitment. The service is strictly for residential use. Callers that use over 3,000 minutes may have their Voice traffic monitored to ensure all use is residential. Customers that use Voice for commercial purposes may have their service terminated.

Viasat Voice Features

  • Unlimited local and long distance service.
  • Coverage area includes entire United States and Canada.
  • Services included: Voicemail, Call Waiting, Caller ID, Call Forwarding and 911 Emergency Service.
  • Viasat Voice calls do not count toward your data limits, and will not interrupt Viasat satellite Internet.
  • Bundling Viasat Voice with Viasat Internet gives you a $10 discount off your ViaSat Internet bill.
  • Viasat Voice allows for one phone line per account.
  • Typically, you can keep your current phone number.
  • Works with any type of home landline telephone.
  • Viasat does have international calling plans for an additional fee.