Viasat Voice: Viasat’s Official Phone Service

Once you’ve chosen Viasat Internet, it’s time to think about adding Viasat Voice- our satellite internet landline phone service. Texting is fast and email is handy, but sometimes you just need to hear someone’s voice.  Offering unlimited local and long-distance residential service, Viasat’s Voice service connects you to the entire United States and Canada for one low fee.

Get $10 off Viasat’s home phone service when you bundle Voice with internet – only $19.99/mo for the first 6 months

Viasat Voice Features

  • Unlimited local and long distance service.
  • Coverage area includes entire United States and Canada.
  • Services included: Voicemail, Call Waiting, Caller ID, Call Forwarding and 911 Emergency Service.
  • Viasat Voice calls do not count toward your data limits, and will not interrupt Viasat satellite Internet.
  • Bundling Viasat Voice with Viasat Internet gives you a $10 discount off your ViaSat Internet bill.
  • Viasat Voice allows for one phone line per account.
  • Typically, you can keep your current phone number.
  • Works with any type of home landline telephone.
  • Viasat does have international calling plans for an additional fee.

Great For Rural Locations

If your cell service struggles in your rural location, Viasat Voice Phone Service can help. Viasat’s Voice service runs on the same satellite signal that powers your fast and reliable internet service. Although it uses the same signal, your Voice service will will not count toward your data allowances, and will not interrupt internet use. Offering the convenience of one monthly bill, Viasat Voice service simply needs an adapter that will be supplied with your modem and mini dish.

Residential Phone Technology

Voice service is available only to Viasat Internet customers in the continental U.S., and requires a 6-month minimum commitment. The service is strictly for residential use. Callers that use over 3,000 minutes may have their Voice traffic monitored to ensure all use is residential. Customers that use Voice for commercial purposes may have their service terminated.

Viasat Voice FAQ’s

What is Viasat Voice?

Voice is a feature-packed home phone service built to work alongside your smartphones. Voice is optimized for use over Viasat Internet and Voice calls do not count against your Viasat Internet data allowance.

Who can receive Viasat Voice service?

You can receive Voice service if you have our 12 Mbps or faster service and live in the continental U.S. (all states and the District of Columbia but not Hawaii and Alaska). At this time, Voice is not available for WildBlue and Exede customers.

How do I purchase Viasat Voice?

You can purchase Voice by calling Viasat and adding it to your Viasat Internet plan. Existing Viasat Internet customers should call 1-(888) 389-7846. Billing for Voice for existing Viasat Internet customers starts five days after Voice is ordered. New customers should call 1-(888) 389-7846. Billing for Voice for new Viasat Internet customers is five days after the date Viasat Internet service is installed — even if the customer does not activate the Voice equipment. 

With the unlimited US + Canada Voice plan, where am I able to call?

With the unlimited U.S. + Canada Voice plan, you can place local, long-distance, and toll-free calls to all 50 states, the District of Columbia and Canada for residential use. This includes calls to landlines, wireless, and VoIP lines. Calls to other countries will incur additional charges.

Is there a contract commitment for Viasat Voice?

There is a 6-month service term for Voice. For details, please see your Customer Agreement

What kind of reliability should I expect with Viasat Voice?

With Voice, you can expect the same reliability as Viasat Internet because they use the same satellite and internet connection. We strive to maintain highly reliable and available service using our network management and monitoring expertise.

What calling features does Viasat Voice support?

Voice supports calling features including voicemail, caller identification (ID), caller ID block, call hold, call forwarding, call waiting, call return and disable call waiting.

How many phone lines can I set up with Viasat Voice?

You can set up one phone line per account with Voice.

How will I get billed for Viasat Voice?

You will get billed for Voice and Viasat Internet monthly service on your Viasat statement.

Can I cancel Viasat Internet and keep Viasat Voice?

No, you can’t keep Voice if you cancel Viasat Internet. An active Viasat Internet account is required to use Voice.

What equipment do I need to use Viasat Voice?

In most cases, a Voice adapter already comes integrated into your Wi-Fi modem. You’ll need to provide your own home phone handset. 

Add Voice to your Viasat internet plan

Voice completes a streamlined, affordable internet and VoIP phone service package.